Tech: 9 Things I Still Hate About You

Sure, we all claim to love technology. But there's just as much to loathe about the world of tech and techies - whether it's internal users suffering from PEBKAC, IT workers lost in their own acronym-filled worlds, Apple devotees, or early-adopter consumers who love themselves a little too much.

Mobile Devices' Exorbitant TCO

How about the insanely high cost of owning a smartphone? And we're not talking just about the devices themselves—there are the wireless service contracts, monthly taxes, roaming charges, surcharges and other fees on many of these carrier- and network-"exclusive" devices. One industry estimate: $3,800 for two years of service. "For a lot of folks," notes a article, "the monthly smartphone bill can be as big as, say, a car payment."


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