Windows 7 in Pictures: The Coolest New Hardware

With a new version of Windows comes an armada of PCs to run it, and Windows 7 is entering a very diverse hardware world. It's not just laptops and desktops anymore my friend. Netbooks, ultrathins, and All-in-One touchscreen PCs are now key members of this expanding family.

At the launch of Windows 7 in New York City, Microsoft and its hardware partners set the Windows 7 toys free on the show floor and started snapping. Here are the results.

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Dell Adamo XPS Ultrathin Notebook

The Adamo XPS is Dell's newest and thinnest notebook. In fact it's the thinnest ever at about 0.39 inches, about half the thickness of the MacBook Air. The Adamo XPS is not available for sale yet and Dell has been secretive about its memory, CPU power and battery life specs, but we do know that this superthin machine weighs 1.5 pounds, has a 13.4-inch screen and will be priced close to $2,000.

Price: Dell has not formerly announced availability or pricing Available now with Windows 7?: Not yet

For more information on the Dell Adamo XPS, click here.


Image credit: Shane O'Neill

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