Cheap and Easy Ways to Use Your Gadgets on the Road

Travel can be stressful and expensive. Here are tips for keeping your gadgets charged and for saving money on smartphone bills while you're away from home--whether elsewhere in the United States or halfway around the world.

Tips and Tools for Travelers

"Travail" and "travel." Have you ever noticed how those two words sound similar? It's no coincidence--they come from the same Middle English root meaning to torment, labor, strive, or journey. And sure enough, even today, travel can be hard work. You have a lot of things to keep up with, especially if you fly with a bag full of electronics.

Trying to keep your gadgets charged? Wish you could put a lid on mobile phone bills while roaming internationally? Want to stay connected to the Internet, without paying for yet another wireless carrier contract? I'll show you what you need to stay in the know when you're on the go.


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