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Prestige Pro805 all-in-one printer by Lexmark


Lexmark hits all the right buttons with this all-in-one, small-business-class printer. First, let's start with the warranty: Lexmark offers a five-year warranty, plus lifetime phone support. If you can find a printer with a longer warranty than that, buy it. If not, a small business would be silly not to consider this product.

In terms of everyday operation, Lexmark says the Prestige Pro805 offers printing at the low cost of a penny per copy. That's tough to beat for a printer that can crank out 33 pages per minute, offers two-sided printing and can handle 150 pages at a time. This four-color inkjet also handles scanning and copying via a very slick and easy to use 4.3-inch LED touch screen.In terms of network connectivity, the Prestige Pro805 has both Ethernet and USB ports. Plus, it features 802.11n Wi-Fi. This is an excellent feature that lets you eliminate that extra printer cable. In addition, you can go to Lexmark's site and download applications that let you connect to Web-based photo sites like Flickr, and even download news and weather information to your printer. Why you would even consider getting weather information from your printer is beyond me, but maybe there's a "coolness" factor involved that I'm missing.

The ultimate test of a color printer is when you try to print a 4X6 or even an 8X10 image. In this regard, the Lexmark was surprisingly good. We printed a bunch of 4X6 photos and the quality was excellent. We then moved up to the 8X10 setting and came away impressed. With the Lexmark Prestige Pro, you can do all your small business printing, copying and scanning, plus create excellent prints from your summer vacation. And you can do it wirelessly.

Cool Yule Rating: 4.5 stars

Price: $299.99

Product Web site.

Reviewed by Neal Weinberg

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