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FuHzion 22" widescreen LCD by ViewSonic


This is a 22-inch widescreen LCD monitor that is being marketed at gamers. Dubbed FuHzion by ViewSonic, the monitor is supposed be "3D ready." We weren't sure what that meant until we discovered that you need to buy 3D glasses from nVidia ($200, not included with monitor.) So, if you are an avid gamer and want the most FuHzion-iest graphics you need the $250 LCD, the $200 glasses, not to mention the latest nVidia GeForce 8 graphics card. And then you're good to go with 120Hz frame rate viewing. Plus, this baby is wall-mountable for all your HD viewing needs.

However, as a simple computer monitor the VX2265wm is missing some of the features we've come to expect in a monitor. Such as: there's no way to raise or lower the monitor once you fit it into the pedestal. Plus, it doesn't swivel either. Beyond that, there are no settings for basic things like contrast. You can adjust sound and brightness -- that's it. On the plus side, the FuHzion does offer a wonderful, clear, widescreen picture.

Cool Yule Rating: 4.5 stars

Price: $249

Product Web site.

Reviewed by Neal Weinberg

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