The $2 Britney Spears iPhone App and 5 Other Ways to Waste Money

Obsessed with Britney Spears? There is an app for that, as well as apps for tracking a number of celebs via your iPhone.

Why can't Apple's App Store overlords exercise more discretion when it counts? A $2 Britney Spears app has just approved is available for the iPhone. I thought the app called "It's Britney!" may have been some clever lip-syncing or karaoke app, but it's not. According to Britney's Web site "There really is an app for everything."

Should we have expected any less from Britney? After all, an iPhone app is the perfect byproduct of our celebrity (and iPhone) obsessed culture. But wait, it gets better: There are plenty more self-obsessed celebrities with an iPhone app available at the iPhone's App Store. Heck, a star stalking iPhone user could waste hours with apps that revolve around musicians, athletes and movie stars. Here's a rundown of iPhone apps brought to you by your favorite celebs:


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