Top IT Turkeys of 2009

The annual list of bad behavior returns.

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Microsoft's nauseating advertising

IT turkeys

In 2009 Microsoft gave us yet another feast of bad advertising. This has become an annual tradition (in 2008 Microsoft advertising landed on this list for the embarrassing, nonsensical non-epics of Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld ). In 2009, we had the guess-what-it's-fake Laptop Hunter ads (starring actors, not real people); and the Family Guy/Windows 7 snafu (where Microsoft inexplicably didn't know it was aligning itself with a show famous for political incorrectness). The turkey-ist ad, of course, was the infamous Internet Explorer 8 vomit ad, which tried to convince you to use the new browser by showing a woman throwing up and a man rolling around in those expelled stomach contents. Yum. Pass the mashed potatoes and gravy – and Firefox.

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