Top 10 Non-Tech Gadgets IT Pros Can't Live Without

IT professionals need a lot more than a computer and a smartphone to get their jobs done. Here are 10 mostly non-tech tools they can't function without.

IT professionals must have been boy and girl scouts when they were young. The "Be prepared" motto explains all the tools and gadgets they always have on hand.

Armed with these instruments, IT professionals can solve almost any problem. Need to wire a house for high-speed Internet access? No worries, they've got a crimper. Need to tune an electric guitar? Call an IT guy. He'll have a multimeter to measure the electrical current. Need minor surgery? A tech professional has a tool for that, too.

Check out the 10 indispensible (mostly) non-tech tools IT gearheads don't leave home without.

The Leatherman


Photo by Andrew Magill

Andrew Magill, who took this photo (and whose discussion on Flickr inspired this slide show), says he never goes anywhere without his Leatherman. "I've fixed so many things with my Leatherman, it's crazy," he wrote on Flickr. "I rewired my parents' new house for phone and Ethernet with nothing but my Leatherman and a crimping tool."

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