A tour of Google's business apps

Google wants your business to run on its cloud; here's what it promises to do for you

Google's billions come from selling ads on search results, but the company's ambitions are no less than to provide the universal platform in the cloud on which everything runs. The company's latest entry in that mission is the Chrome OS, which is meant to enable browsers-in-a-box netbook-like appliances. (See InfoWorld's visual tour of the Chrome OS.)

So what exactly does Google offer businesses? InfoWorld put together this tour of its services aimed at business users, IT, and developers to help you decide what of Google's cloud promise you should consider taking advantage of. You'll notice quickly that collaboration is a common theme across most of Google's offerings. Discover each one in this slideshow.


See InfoWorld's key analyses of Google business technologies:

This slideshow, "A tour of Google's business apps," originally appeared at InfoWorld.com. Follow the latest developments on Google and cloud computing at InfoWorld.com.

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