Google Chrome OS: A visual tour

Expected in late 2010, this first look at the new OS for Web appliances exemplifies Google's simple cloud approach

Welcome to the Chrome OS


When Google acts, people pay close attention. Google is now working on a new operating system for what it hopes will be a new type of computing device: the Web appliance. Although based on Linux and the X11 user interface, Google's Chrome OS is no PC operating system. Instead, it's spare and very much a thin layer around Google's Chrome browser, which does the heavy lifting.

Note that these screens are from Google's first software development kit, so the look and features are subject to change. Note also that the SDK version of the OS uses the name "Chromium OS," but Google officially calls the project -- at least for now -- the Chrome OS.

To call the login screen Spartan would be an understatement. The very simple look is emblematic of the Google Chrome OS' approach.

Get all the details on Google's forthcoming Chrome OS from InfoWorld's experts:

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