Apple's Top 10 biggest news stories in 2009

When Apple's employees and its customers look back on 2009, will they see it as the best year ever, or one of the most controversial?

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No. 2 iTunes DRM and tiered pricing

At Macworld 2009, Phil Schiller made two big iTunes related announcements: songs would become DRM free and Apple would let record labels experiment with prices. Since 2003, Apple insisted every song on iTunes cost 99 cents. Record labels argued that the price was outdated and obviously wanted to charge more for big hits. Apple gave up ground on pricing to obtain licensing rights for distributing music over the air. Labels could charge up to $1.29 for singles but that news was offset by DRM-free songs, a win/win as iTunes customers aren't tied to Apple devices forever anymore. Last we checked, only 12 of the top 100 songs on iTunes are available for $0.99. When pricing became tiered, what was the new lowest price announced for an iTunes single?


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