Apple's Top 10 biggest news stories in 2009

When Apple's employees and its customers look back on 2009, will they see it as the best year ever, or one of the most controversial?

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No. 3 iPhone OS 3.0 introduces cut, copy, and paste and slew of new features

In mid-March, Apple held a special media event where it previewed iPhone OS 3.0, a monster update released in June. The new OS finally included cut, copy and paste - a feature users had been clamoring for since the iPhone debuted. It also included support for MMS, though AT&T frustratingly took months until its network supported it. Users were delighted by iPhone OS 3.0's Spotlight search, universal landscape keyboard, Push Notification and the nifty "find my iPhone" feature. All told, 3.0 included more than 100 new features plus some great API improvements for developers. What new feature helped users deal with a phone call when using an app?


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