Blu-ray Buzz: Exciting High-Def Players Under $300

Blu-ray players are falling in price. It's time to find your perfect home theater addition.

The Best Blu-ray Players


After its lengthy battle with HD DVD, Blu-ray emerged as the high-definition standard in 2008. Blu-ray has been advancing slowly ever since, but the format finally seems to be moving forward full-steam with the advent of 3D video, expanded multimedia capabilities, and “flipper” discs.

Costs have spiraled down and made powerful Blu-ray players distinctly more affordable. We've chosen ten players under $300, ranging from budget models hovering around $130 to pricier, feature-packed machines at the higher end of the spectrum.

Stunning Blu-ray image quality is universal, but some players provide better upscaling of regular DVDs, offer built-in Wi-Fi, or include worthy multimedia options.

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Blu-ray Players for $300 or Less

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