8 Gadgets That Will Be Huge in 2010

After everything we've seen, these are the tech products we believe will rack up big sales by next Christmas.

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Alienware M11x

Up until now, serious gamers had to tote around huge 17- and 15-inch monsters--or stay put. Dell's Alienware, however, seeks to remedy this problem with its forthcoming game-oriented laptop, the M11x. The 11.6-inch laptop (yep--11.6 inches!) is practically netbook size, with a 1336-by-768-pixel high-def screen, a built-in Webcam, and a SIM card reader for mobile Web access. The M11x currently has no optical drive (though an add-on will eventually be offered), but it can play games like Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 at a whopping 30 frames per second. The ultraportable-size gaming notebook will cost just under $1000, fully loaded. That's right, a portable, power-packed gaming laptop--there's no question that the M11x will make waves.


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