8 Gadgets That Will Be Huge in 2010

After everything we've seen, these are the tech products we believe will rack up big sales by next Christmas.

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Motorola Backflip

AT&T says that 30 percent of its handset sales last year were messaging phones. Motorola's latest Android-powered phone, the Backflip, may be AT&T's "it" messaging phone this year. Not that there's a big market it for it or anything--just the legions of American kids who text-message and Facebook pretty much all day long. As such, the Backflip features a full QWERTY keyboard that can be flipped out so that both the keyboard and the touchscreen face the user. The phone also has a "backtrack," or mousepadlike touchpad on the back of the touchscreen to control the cursor on the screen. The phone packs only a midsize processor, but the messaging crowd doesn't really need lots of power. We expect the Backflip to reach a $100 (subsidized) price point by the end of 2010. How will Moms and Dads say no?


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