Don't become a cube potato: Get out of your chair and get healthy

Gadgets, apps, and sneaky tricks for a healthy lifestyle –

Don't let this happen to you

Don't let this happen to you

You might have read about the recent study that pinned disastrous health consequences with "sedentary lifestyles." Unfortunately, most of us who toil in the tech industry are pretty sedentary, spending our days (and often our nights) parked in front of our computers. Are we pretty much doomed if we can't dedicate an hour or more a day exercise?

Not at all, says Rachel Permuth-Levine, who's the director of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute's Center for Employee Wellness and Health Promotion; that attitude is common, but she says it's also damaging to people's motivation to stay healthy. Short bouts of activity can improve one's health, resulting in less neck tension, less eye strain, more freedom in your wrists -- something we'd all like to enjoy.

So how do we get up and moving?

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