Don't become a cube potato: Get out of your chair and get healthy

Gadgets, apps, and sneaky tricks for a healthy lifestyle

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Exercise. No excuses.


Photo is of Dr. Josh Axe, performing burst training in his cube!

Permuth-Levine suggests some simple yoga exercises you can do at the office. There's a series of videos she recommends that can walk you through stretches that you can do right in your cube.

If you're looking for an exercise regimen that's higher-energy, you might want to try burst training, recommended by nutrition consultant Jesse Erickson. "Burst training involves exercising at 90 to 100 percent of your maximum effort for 30 to 60 seconds in order to burn your body's stored sugar," he says, "followed by 30-60 seconds of low impact for recovery. This causes your body to burn fat for the next 36 hours to replace your body's vital energy stores. Try running in place in front of your desk, or doing jumping jacks or squats."

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