Don't become a cube potato: Get out of your chair and get healthy

Gadgets, apps, and sneaky tricks for a healthy lifestyle

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Outsmart yourself to get moving

Your key to getting out of the chair

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One of the most important things to do to keep active is just to literally keep active -- to not allow your day to vanish with your rear end never leaving the chair. But your instinct may well be to pound away on your work, and 5 p.m. arrives before you know it. How can you fool yourself into staying active?

Linda S. Jassmond Lanfear, a personal trainer, has a number of crafty tips, but this is the one I found most devious: "Drink water: it will make you get up to go to the bathroom." She also suggests using the stairs rather than the elevator. (Sadly, many office buildings reserve the stairs for emergencies only, forcing you to ride the elevator even if you're only going one floor.)

Brian Brandt, found and president of Summer Solutions Group, has a suggestion that has use even outside the realm of getting moving. "When needing to communicate with someone who is in your office, be mindful that sharing via email is one of the least effective methods because it lacks intonation and non-verbal cues that face to face communication delivers. As well, you don't receive the immediate feedback as you see how it is being received. So, when appropriate, get up out of that chair and walk to your co-worker's offices to deliver messages that don't need to go to numerous recipients or have an electronic history." So, you're moving around and communicating more effectively!

Phyllis Murphy of More Than 9 2 5 Virtual Assistance thinks you can build that extra walking right into your commute. "If you take public transit, walk one stop further than your usual boarding point, or get off one stop before your regular stop and vice-versa on the way home," she suggests. "If you drive, park your car in the space furthest from the door (but be sure that the parking lot is well-lit or you have an escort to return to your car on dark winter evenings).

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