How to Make New Stuff From Your Piles of Obsolete Tech

A new book shows you how to make usable items from old PCs, cell phones, scanners, printers, and other dead tech gear.

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Phone Safe

Just open and gut the phone, pretty up the inside, and glue magnets to hold the two pieces together when you're finished. (Randy Sarafan's book has full instructions on this and all other projects pictured in this slideshow.)

Don't forget to put something heavy inside the case, too, so it will feel heavy enough to burglars to persuade them that it's simply a piece of dead tech and not a hiding-in-plain-sight mobile safe for stashing your spare $100 bills or diamond earrings in. One caveat: Make your spouse promise not to stage any impromptu yard sales without consulting you first, or some nostalgic buyer may get an unexpectedly great bargain.

Skill level for project: Intermediate

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