Free BlackBerry Apps: Your Smartphone's 10 New Best Friends

True BlackBerry lovers can never have too many BlackBerry apps. Here are 10 favorites that won't cost you a dime.

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Poynt for BlackBerry

I've mentioned Poynt numerous times in the past, but this search/movies/uber-app just keeps on getting better. The latest version does everything you'd expect from a local-search app—finds restaurants and other establishments, provides contact information and maps to find your way—and it's both great-looking and easy to use. Poynt's also a full-fledged movie-app akin to Flixster's Movies software. And a little bird just told me Poynt's about to get a new, weather-related boost from AccuWeather&shhh! In other words, you want this app on your device. Like now.

Free from and BlackBerry App World.


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