Free BlackBerry Apps: Your Smartphone's 10 New Best Friends

True BlackBerry lovers can never have too many BlackBerry apps. Here are 10 favorites that won't cost you a dime.

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Buzzd for BlackBerry

You've got Poynt for local search, Urbanspoon for culinary-specific queries and Google (GOOG) for everything else. But what if you're looking for the hottest, "poppin'-est" spot in your area at a given time? Buzzd to the rescue. Buzzd for BlackBerry uses input from social networks like Twitter to determine the bars, nightclubs and other hotspots nearest you with the most active social media users. And the app's "Buzzometer" points you in the right direction. You can also read reviews and check images of specific locales from other users and contribute your own opinions. (Note: Buzzd works best in populated or urban areas.)

Free from and BlackBerry App World.


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