From Apple, with love: Eight things the iPad might kill –


Photo by josh.liba

Apple's iPad has been generating plenty of chatter since it was previewed late last month. Much of the tech press was already in love with it before Apple even confirmed that it existed, and despite a certain amount of backlash , that love affair has continued, if only from afar.

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But other tech players aren't so besotted, and the iPad might end up a poisoned love letter to the rest of the industry. For much of the life of the iPhone -- the iPad's grandparent, if you will -- every time a new smartphone comes out, it's been dubbed an "iPhone killer." Nobody's succeeded yet, but maybe someday, right? And since the iPad is the new kid on the block, let's imagine it as the hunter. What will the iPad kill? Well, potentially, quite a few things.

Photo courtesy of GlennFleishman

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