BlackBerry Travel Apps: 10 Must-Have Downloads

Before your next trip, check out 10 of the best travel-minded mobile applications for BlackBerry smartphones.

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Pandora for BlackBerry

Pandora's just one of many Internet radio apps available for BlackBerry, but it's the one I use most. The app's easy to use—you just plug in the names of artists you're interested in and it creates custom "stations" with music from those artists along with other "similar" selections. I'm particularly fond of Pandora for BlackBerry's "Quick Mix" feature which pulls artists/songs from all of your pre-defined stations for random mixes. (Note: You need wireless connectivity to employ Pandora, so it won't work in-flight without Wi-Fi, etc.)

Download the free Pandora app at


Image credit: Al Sacco, Research In Motion Ltd.

Free BlackBerry Apps: Your Smartphone's 10 New Best Friends

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