Facebook's most wanted

Social networking has a dark and hilarious side of ill-conceived criminality. Here are some of Facebook's dimmest crooks (and smartest detectives).

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Craig "Lazie" Lynch: Facebooking on the lam


Craig Lynch was almost done with a seven-year stint for burglary in a British jail when he decided to release himself on his own recognizance (i.e., escape) in September of 2009. Apparently enamored with the new social networking technology unleashed upon the Internet while he was in the stir, he set up a Facebook account and began posting the sorts of things that people who aren't on the run from law say on the site -- that he was going to parties, taking his daughter to see Santa at the mall, eating steaks, and so forth -- always holding back just enough information to keep the police one step behind him. And then there were the pictures (like the Christmas turkey number above), many of them taunting the law with his favorite digit.

At one point, Lynch almost seemed like a parody of the compulsive Facebooker: when he heard sirens and worried that the gig was up, he posted a status update about it rather than, say, fleeing. It turned out to just be an ambulance, but his reign of Facebooking terror did in fact come to an end this January as he was brought back into prison.

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