Facebook's most wanted

Social networking has a dark and hilarious side of ill-conceived criminality. Here are some of Facebook's dimmest crooks (and smartest detectives).

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Maxi Sopo: Not the sharpest knife in the drawer

In happier times

In Maxi Sopo's trajectory, everything was going pretty much his way: get started selling flowers in Seattle nightclubs; move on to a little bank fraud; then, when you find out the feds are on your tail, jump into the car and head down to sunny Cancun. Life is good! But then he made a few key mistakes. The first was setting up a Facebook account, from which he could chronicle his Mexican adventure. But, showing at least a modicum of self-awareness, he made its contents private, although his friends list was still visible.

The real disaster began, as it does with so many of us, when it came to choosing his friends. One person he added as a friend was a man he had met a few times at Seattle nightclubs. Apparently Sopo didn't notice that the gentleman listed his employer as the US Justice Department -- but the assistant US Attorney working on the case sure did. With the informant's help, Soto was sitting in a Mexican prison in short order.

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