Facebook's most wanted

Social networking has a dark and hilarious side of ill-conceived criminality. Here are some of Facebook's dimmest crooks (and smartest detectives).

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Lee Nicholls: The first rule of stolen goods club is...

S-M-R-T smart

Picture courtesy Ed Yourdon

Most ordinary people, law-abiding as they might be, get a little thrill with even the perception of a brush with criminality. If, say, you've bought new tires for your Smart Car at a deep discount from someone who seems "dodgy," you might well be tempted to post a Facebook status update to the effect that you were riding around on stolen wheels.

That's what Brit Lee Nicholls did! Unfortunately for Mr. Nicholls, this message attracted the attention of the police, who, as the police generally are, did not think particularly much of his claims that he was "just joking." Though Nicholls avoided jail time, he was fined for quite a bit more than the money he saved on the tires.

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