10 useful Google Chrome Experiments

These JavaScript programs bring flashy graphics to your Web browser -- without Flash.

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Vectomatic: Vector graphics for dummies

Although a demo, this vector graphics drawing program is almost a complete application that it would be a shame if its developer didn't finish it up. In its present version, Vectomatic still works well if you want to create simple vectorized graphics, and do so quickly. Or if you want to learn the basics of drawing vector graphics.

You can instantly draw rectangles and ellipses, and other shapes can be created using the point-by-point plotting "path" or the "poly" (for making curves) tools. The color selection system looks rudimentary and lacking, but you can adjust the range of each color. The stacking order of shape layers can be manipulated.

There's one setback: you can't save your work, nor can you export it to the SVG file format -- for now, Vectomatic can only render your art out as a finalized Web page image.


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