10 useful Google Chrome Experiments

These JavaScript programs bring flashy graphics to your Web browser -- without Flash.

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World of Solitaire: An ace of a computer game

What would a day at the office be without a game of computer solitaire? (Answer: more productive?) Kidding aside, there are a number of games featured at Google's Chrome Experiments, but this is the one that both feels complete and is universally appealing to anyone who has needed a break during the work day by playing a few hands of the virtual card game that seems to be installed by default on virtually every PC in the world.

What's surprising about World of Solitaire is how full-featured it is for being a JavaScript game: there are several (really, there a lot -- more than 50) of variations of solitaire to play. You can change the graphics of the cards, choosing from nine artwork designs. And you can post your scores to a worldwide scoreboard to see how you rank with others who are also whiling away their work-day productivity.


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