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The last stop

Believe it or not, none of those previous pics include stuff that I have definitively decided to throw out. No, the equipment in that category has been banished to the basement, where it awaits a trip to the electronics recycling center that never seems to get organized. Pictured above in the computer equipment graveyard: non-functional speakers; a fried keyboard (milk and electronics don't go together, kids); a dead flatscreen monitor; a broken wireless hub; and a moribund inkjet printer that I purchased during a brief stint living in Germany (thus the need for the aforementioned 220V-to-110V adapter).

The sad thing is that this collection only represents material gathered since I moved into my current home in the fall of 2003. 18 months earlier, when I moved out of my California apartment on relatively short notice, I actually had to do a purge of a similarly diverse collection of computer crap, including a Mac SE/30 that I had dreams of turning into a Linux file server and a pile of external hard drives of varying levels of reliability. You'd think I would have learned my lesson once I got the chance to start with a clean slate, but apparently you'd be wrong.

But I am not alone in my affliction! Read on to see some of the impressive collections sent to me by readers with piles of stuff.

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