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Steve Jobs famously signaled the death of the floppy drive in 1998 when he introduced the floppy-less iMac, but many of us still have disks and drives "just in case." (Yes, I said "us" -- I have a USB floppy drive connected to my USB hub right now, because you never know when you'll stumble across an old disk you need to see the contents of.)

The picture above was sent to me by Brenda Huettner. "I still have boxes of 5.25 disks. And probably a drive for them somewhere. Periodically, I go through my home office and rather than throw stuff out, I move it to the garage, so the cabinet in the attached picture only goes back to 3.5 inches. I guess I pretend that I'm just being practical -- why throw out something that still works? -- or that it's just a question of being prepared, like having an extra ink cartridge on hand. But honestly, there is also an element of frugality (or cheapness) -- if I ever did need, say, an extra internal 3.5" diskette drive, it would just about kill me to know that I had a perfectly good one and threw it out, forcing me to buy another. Or maybe I think that someday it will all be worth money on the antique market?"

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