10 free Android apps for staying in the know

Owning an Android smartphone means never having to say 'I don't know.'

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Whether you're looking for a new home, selling your existing one or just curious about the state of the real estate market, the Zillow application puts a wealth of information at your fingertips. Using the phone's GPS, Zillow maps all the nearby properties that are on the market or have recently been sold; you can also search by address.

Click on any property for more information, including a surprisingly detailed description of the property, recent comparable sales in the area and a trend line showing the value of the property over the past 10 years. It might feel like spying, but Zillow uses only openly available information drawn from real estate listings and public property records.

Zillow can also be useful for scouting high-end or inexpensive areas for your company's new HQ. Version 2.0 of the app provides driving directions from Google Maps and lets you save favorite searches or homes.


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