7 of the Most Bizarre Facebook Apps

Facebook has been branded by many as a notorious waste of time, and welcoming these seven apps to its collection certainly hasn't helped its reputation. From photo-altering apps to random name generators, Facebook's Application Directory is chock full of absurd add-ons.

Butter-fy Yourself

You may think we have the Midwest Dairy Association to thank for this, but according to the app, it's actually the ancient Tibetan monks. (Naturally.)

These monks carved animals and deities of worship out of yak butter. In the 1800s, the tradition spread to North America, where Minnesota farm wives used blocks of butter to carve decorative patterns, which were displayed at state fairs. (Stick with me here.)

And now you, too, can get in on the butter-carving action. Upload a photo, choose a personality for your sculpture (choices include a diary princess, a butter hippie and a butter bouffant, to name a few) and voila--you're immortalized in butter. (Just steer clear of the heat.)

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