How to ruin your life with social networking

Learn how to do it, as that's the only way to learn how not to do it.

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Don't alienate your business contacts


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Perhaps even worse than irritating your employer is irritating your employer by irritating the people your employer does business with. That was the lesson learned by James Andrews, a consultant hired by FedEx to come in to the company's Memphis headquarters and give a presentation on social media. Unfortunately, shortly after his arrival, he announced on Twitter that he would die if he had to live in Memphis -- and FedEx is pretty fanatically devoted to its Memphis location. A FedEx VP wrote Andrews a scathing letter -- and cc'd his bosses. The gaffe was made all the worse because Andrews had come as an expert on social media.

Of course, sometimes it's the listeners, not the speakers, whose rudeness is revealed. When David Galper of the Ruckus Network, a music service for college students, gave a speech to a large gathering of college professionals, all of whom found it deathly dull; they essentially began heckling the speaker on Twitter. Of course, all their snide commentary was public, and was quickly noted on a number of blogs. Ruckus soon went out of business, perhaps due to shame.

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