What if tech companies owned the Wonders of the World?

What the Acropolis, Mount Rushmore and others might look like if bought out by tech companies.


Behold the wonder of the Micropolis!

Greece's sovereign debt crisis led at one point for calls on the Greek government to sell its famed Acropolis in order to pay off its expenses. But now that it looks like other Eurozone nations could be facing similar crises in the near future, we expect to see calls for other famous landmarks to be sold off as well.

And this got us thinking: Who would be rich enough to buy all these things? Certainly some of the tech industry's biggest players would qualify, such as Microsoft, Google and Apple. In this slideshow, we'll take a look into a future where broke governments are forced to sell their most treasured landmarks to the world's richest nerds. Because really, who wouldn't want to see Steve Jobs replace Thomas Jefferson on Mount Rushmore?

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