20 Sizzling Summer Video Games

From LEGO Harry Potter to Madden NFL 11, here's a sneak peek at great PC and video games you won't want to miss this summer.

An Embarrassment of Game Riches, Including a Clutch of Windows-Based Titles

Each summer the list of potential video game greats gets a little longer, but this year the cup runneth over. StarCraft? Metroid? Halo? It's like someone mixed up Christmas with summer.

You'll find those blockbuster franchises and more in the following 20 picks.

And for all you PC wonks, who says PC gaming isn't thriving? We count no less than 10 Windows-based titles here, including two PC exclusives like All Points Bulletin. Welcome back, PC gaming in 2010!

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Republished with permission from PC World. (View original version)

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