5 Vacation Destinations for Geeks

Visit Hobbiton, learn physics while cruising, or dine with a spy. There are plenty of places to relax and get your geek on.

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One of the more important aspects of working hard in the information technology or computer science field is actually stopping to take a vacation. Way too many of my friends and colleagues get burned out and eventually leave their tech fields to work in bakeries and greenhouses. Stop the madness and take a break. But is the beach not your thing? No problem. There are plenty of places to relax and get your geek on.

Geek cruises

Being stuck on a cruise ship for an extended period of time with a bunch of yahoos can cause more stress and frustration than the job you're away from. However, Scientific American has put together some of the absolute coolest and, without question, the nerdiest voyages this side of "Gilligan's Island" fan clubs.

Called, "Geek Cruises", these vacations to Bermuda (as in Triangle) or Europe not only provide scenic destinations but also tremendous lectures and seminars by the world's foremost intellectuals. You can learn about the latest in particle physics, cognitive sciences and archeology. And, of course, tan your translucent skin.


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