5 security webcams for your home

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Image credit: flickr/Itiro

Security cameras aren't just for businesses and the exceedingly wealthy anymore. Now you can equip your home with cameras that are not only wireless but accessible for viewing via the web.

Whether you want to monitor your nanny or just keep an eye on your front door, here are 5 cameras that might meet your particular home security needs.

Panasonic BL-C131A

The BL-C131A is an excellent wireless camera that can stream video via your home router, and also provides audio and the ability to tilt and pan the camera remotely. I found the software that is provided by Panasonic to be a little clunky and setup is also a bit on the difficult side, as you need to access your home network and assign this camera a static IP address. But once you get the setup complete, you can view the camera from anywhere with an internet connection.

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