Eight Signs You're an Apple Addict

You might be an Apple addict if...

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You Have Nightmares of a Dead (or Missing) iPhone

We've all left the house without the iPhone. It happens. So how far away were you when you returned to retrieve it? The idea of a missing iPhone or a dead battery can cause sheer panic among Apple addicts.

A true iPhone addict takes necessary precautions. There's an iPhone car charger in every car, a Mophie Juice Pack at the ready, an adapter at the office and at home, maybe even the gym.

God forbid you get a phone call or text message or hear a song that only the Shazam app can identify, only to not have your iPhone charged and with you. How did people live pre-iPhone days? Without the iPhone, you just might have to have a real conversation with the person in front of you.


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