The world's geekiest tournaments

From magic cards to BattleBots, we race through the world's dorkiest contests

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Magic Cards: The Gathering are basically akin to Dungeons & Dragons in card form. Playing different cards gives you different powers to damage your enemy in different ways – for instance, you can attack your opponent using dragon armies, fireball spells and so forth. The cards seem like an inexpensive recreational habit at first, until you realize that all of your opponents have shelled out $50 for a Special Deluxe Demon Lord Card and you'll have to pay $50 for such a card if you hope to remain competitive. At any rate, the Magic World Championship:_The_Gathering_World_Championship is held once a year in various cities around the world. It provides a nifty bonding experience for people who spend the majority of their disposable income on pieces of paper with pictures of dwarf princesses printed on them.


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