Best deals in tech: Garmin nüvi 255W - $99 – Last week we alerted you to some truly great tech bargains. (In fact, if you've still got a couple of days to take advantage of Best Buy's deal on LG TVs and's deal on iPod Touch). Don't worry, we'll wait while you check those out. Now we're back with, yes, you guessed it, more great technology for cheap. This week's theme: helping you find your way. Ready? Let's go!

Garmin nüvi 255W - $99

The Garmin nüvi GPS devices are excellent. I've got two myself. Beach Camera is selling the 255W for $99. This is a widescreen 4.4 inch GPS with SD card input and preloaded maps. Use Coupon Code CBEACHGPSSEP to get this for $99 and free shipping. Hmm. Perhaps it's time I pick up another...!

What: Garmin nuvi 255W Preloaded City Navigator

Where: Beach Camera via eBay

Price: $99.00

Expires: October 8, 2010


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