The World's Worst PowerPoint Presentations

Yes, people who think that it's okay to put 100 graphs on one slide do exist.

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100 Graphs in One Little Slide

Graphs and charts are usually PowerPoint presentation gold: They're visual, informative, and hard to screw up. So, obviously, the more graphs and charts, the better--right? Like, say, 100 graphs and charts. And to sweeten that deal, let's put all 100 of 'em on one slide. What could go wrong?

Or rather, what couldn't go wrong? The whole PowerPoint presentation on lung cancer surgery is pretty bad, but this slide showing 100 charts neatly stacked like coffins in a ten-by-ten array takes the cake. Not only are the graphs so small as to be unreadable, but did we mention there are 100 of them? Oh, and a slide heading that makes sense in English would've been nice.


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