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If you missed last week's haul of tech deals, fear not. You have until October 8 to get a Garmin nüvi 255W for $99. You also still have time to get your hands on a $499 refurbished HP Notebook... but there's only a few left.

This week we bring you an iPad alternative, some great deals on printers, and a heck of a laptop. Can you wait to buy? Not today, junior. Get those credit cards out and on to the https.

Ready? Let's go!

Google Android Tablet - $122

Some days you just cannot go without having the latest & greatest in tech gadgets. Luckily, Meritline is offering a carrot to those rabbits out there who need to get a tablet computer and don't want to deal with Steve Jobs. And for significantly less money as well. Plus free shipping.

What: 7" Touch Screen TFT LCD Google Android 1.9.88 Tablet PC w/ WiFi/Camera - 256MB DDR2


Price: $122.00

Expires: October 10, 2010


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