The Gamer's Halloween Costume Guide

Five costume ideas every gamer should try

Video games are so much a part of pop culture that you can buy pre-packaged Super Mario Bros. Halloween costumes at your local Wal-Mart. Go the extra mile, though, and your costume can further the influence of video games on everybody at your Halloween party. Here are five costume ideas to get you started:

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Princess Peach | Super Mario Bros. Series


Like the Super Mario Bros. series from whence she comes, Peach is an instantly recognizable character in modern culture. Key pieces to a Peach costume are a blond wig, pink dress (two-toned preferable), circular blue chest bling, some sort of gold crown, and white opera gloves. Optional pieces are matching pink heels, parasol, and plush Toad doll to carry around like the bitch he is.

Option 1: Hot Topic's "Princess Pink"

Cost: $50

Includes pink puff sleeve dress, tiara, and gloves. You can get the wig here for $40 or probably find a cheaper option at a local Halloween shop. Option 2: Leg Avenue's Princess Peach

Cost: Around $45

Includes two-tone pink dress, tiara, and gloves. Again, you're stuck buying the wig separate. Because this is a several years' old costume, however, you could buy it secondhand and use the leftover money to splurge on a really great wig. Option 3: Full-on Cosplay

Cost: Anywhere from $60 to $200

Cosplay costumes usually go the extra mile toward realism, with a full-length skirts and actual jewelry for the chest bling. If you cruise eBay, you can score pieces of someone's well-made cosplay costume from years past, but you might get stuck with a one-size only option for the dress. Some handy cosplay sites give out dress patterns if you're ambitious enough to sew your own. Bonus Option: Kid Peach

Cost: $30

Includes pink dress, crown, and gloves. Sure, you're not going to wear it, but why not dress up your daughter (or son -- if that's how he rolls) to represent your video game love this Halloween instead?

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