The Gamer's Halloween Costume Guide

Five costume ideas every gamer should try

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Mario and/or Luigi | Super Mario Bros. Series


This costume is for the gamer who's just too lazy to put too much work into Halloween. Or perhaps for the gamer parent with two children they want to inflict gamer culture on. Either way, when you're looking for a gamer Halloween costume, it doesn't get any simpler (or cheaper) than Super Mario Bros.

Option 1: Packaged costumes at any Halloween store

Cost: $30 to $60

Includes jumpsuit in corresponding Mario Bro. color, hat, and mustache. If it's missing even one of these things, don't buy it -- you're getting ripped off. Option 2: Fat suits and wrenches

Cost: $40 for the fat suit, $15 for a wrench if you don't already own one

These accessories are for the truly committed who just don't have the cosplay know how to pull off luxuriant mustaches. Pair with Option 1 or Option 3 for maximum effect. Option 3: DIY awesome

Cost: $50 for good overalls, $5 for a green or red shirt, $6 for a green or red baseball cap, $2 for a bottle of Wite-Out

Use a letter stencil when painting the Wite-Out onto the ball cap and make sure you're not doing it backwards. Overalls are in this year, so they should be easy to find at Target, Sears, or pricier jean retailers.

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