10 SaaS companies to watch

These companies show what software as a service is all about

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What it offers:  Mobile SaaS software and Antenna Mobility Platform (AMP) for building, deploying and managing mobile applications.

Why it's worth watching: Antenna sits at the intersection of two of today's biggest enterprise IT focal points: cloud computing and mobility. "With things getting pushed into the cloud in terms of where they're hosted, and the devices that we're using to access those applications increasingly being smartphones or tablets vs. laptops or desktops, a huge trend right now is enterprise mobility in the cloud. I'd even say that's near the top of most CIOs' to-do lists," says Justin Perreault, general partner of Commonwealth Capital Ventures, an Antenna backer. That puts Antenna in a good spot: It offers mobile SaaS software as well as an on-demand software platform for building, deploying and managing mobile applications in the cloud.

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