10 SaaS companies to watch

These companies show what software as a service is all about

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What it offers: CloudReady, a SaaS application suite for evaluating the readiness of on-premises systems, orchestrating cloud migrations and providing real-time performance monitoring for cloud-based applications.

Why it's worth watching: Exoprise is among a number of SaaS providers helping companies make sense of all the stuff they have out in the cloud. The idea is to give IT professionals a way to "seize the benefits of the cloud quickly and confidently," as Exoprise founder and CEO Jason Lieblich put it at the company's March launch. ThinkStrategies' Kaplan says he likes what he sees of the company's strategy so far: "It's starting by letting you take an inventory of e-mail usage so you can determine which of a growing array of Web-based or cloud e-mail services might be the best fit for your company. But really it's setting up to do the same thing for any migration to the cloud."

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