10 SaaS companies to watch

These companies show what software as a service is all about

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What it offers:  KnowledgeTree, open-source document management SaaS.

Why it's worth watching: Traditional on-premises document management deployments outnumber SaaS instances, especially within large enterprises, Forrester's Herbert says. But in the right instances, the benefits of on-demand document management can be unbeatable. Anthony Mashkovich, IT director at Miramax, in Santa Monica, Calif., says he's found that to be the case. Following the December 2010 sale from Walt Disney Studios to investors, Miramax has had to morph from a virtual to a physical company – and among other tasks, find a home for some 150,000 documents. "This was a large undertaking, but we needed to do something super fast while still fitting all our criteria. Going the traditional route of an EMC Documentum wasn't an option. We had no infrastructure, and the cost would have been too high," he says. "KnowledgeTree quickly stood out as the best choice, doing everything that a traditional Documentum system does but in the cloud and at a great price."

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