10 SaaS companies to watch

These companies show what software as a service is all about

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What it offers: LiveOps Contact Center Application Suite, which integrates call-center functions such as chat and e-mail, inbound call routing, interactive voice response and workforce management  

Why it's worth watching: LiveOps represents another aspect of the evolving cloud model in that it couples SaaS with business-processing outsourcing (BPO). In other words, Kaplan says, it'll host the contact center applications in its cloud and provide the helpdesk or service desk personnel as well. "The demarcation between SaaS and BPO is blurring, and a lot of BPO folks, especially in India, are hurrying to get into SaaS. They're doing so because they can no longer afford the labor arbitrage associated with the traditional business – companies stealing people back and forth and then having to deal with the customer satisfaction issues that go along with that," he says. "Why not offer a SaaS solution that automates the process anyways?"

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