Bringing IT back home: 10 prime locations for onshore outsourcing

As offshore outsourcing grows more complex and costly, American IT departments are increasingly turning to onshore providers to procure IT services. Here are 10 popular destinations for IT outsourcing in the U.S.

American companies and government agencies are increasingly seeking onshore outsourcing vendors that can provide high-quality application development and infrastructure services at a low cost. Some IT organizations solicit onshore partners to supplement their offshore outsourcing projects, while others look to onshore providers to clean up messes created by offshore vendors or to avoid the complexities and rising costs of offshoring altogether.

To compete with offshore providers on price, onshore vendors set up shop in rural locations or in larger cities with universities, access to Fortune 1000 customers, and in places where the cost of living remains low. Here are 10 prime destinations for onshore outsourcing in the U.S.

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