Google's 10 best (and worst) innovations of the year

Google rolled out a number of cool products this year, but not all of them can be home runs. Here's a look at the best and worst of Google this year.

Hot: Google's (GOOG) Self-Driving Car

Self-driving cars might seem like a thing of the future, but not anymore. In October, Google revealed that it had, in fact, developed technology for cars that can drive themselves.

The cars use video cameras, radar sensors and a laser range finder to "see" other traffic, as well as detailed maps to navigate the road. Google says its cars have logged over 140,000 miles and have traveled from its Mountain View campus to Santa Monica, across the Golden Gate bridge and even to Lake Tahoe.

If you're eager to snatch one up, however, you'll have to wait a while—Google says the cars aren't yet ready for primetime.


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Republished with permission from CIO (view original version)

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